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Where should everything be mounted?

A: Horns: Some vehicles will be able fit certain air horns under the hood or behind the grill, but most customers will find it best to install the air horns underneath the vehicle on a frame rail. Regardless of where they are mounted, the air horns should be angled slightly downward to keep water from being trapped inside. Angled mounting allows water to run back out of the trumpets.

A: Air compressors: As long as a sealed compressors is being used, it can also be mounted underneath the vehicle on a frame rail. Sealed compressors can be mounted in any position except upside down. Always use the provided remote intake filter for installation, and install it in a location that is clean and dry.

A: Air tank: The air tank should always be mounted in a location where you have an available bottom port to allow the tank to be drained. Likewise, there should always be a top or upper port available to provide space for the safety valve and pressure switch.

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